Introducing… Tad John Tregeagle

Tad stood out, and still does to this day.  He skated with a crazy amount of speed and was doubling the height of the quarter pipes he was airing.  He was always that kid that would go all out just to impress you and then when you mentioned how good he was, he would quickly name off all the other amazing tricks he has done or had just learned.  Although he came off as cocky, I soon learned that he was what I would called humbly cocky.  He wasn’t trying to brag nor show how good he was, he was just so excited about skating that he didn’t know how else to express it.

Over the past 4 years that I have known Tad I have seen him evolve from a 16 year old park rat to one of the most amazing rollerbladers you will ever see skate; park or street.  He is at a point in his life where he is able to make rollerblading his number one focus.  Every dollar he makes goes towards new skates, gas or a plane ticket to the next big contest.  He loves it.  His progression as a rollerblader hasn’t nor does not show signs of stopping. Watch out.

– Beastmaster

Tad John Tregeagle from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

William Anderson: Introduce yourself to the world

Tad John Tregeagle: I’m Tad Tregeagle. I live in Orem Utah (half hour south of SLC).  I just love rollerblading, especially with everyone here in Utah. 

How has TJ evolved into Tad?  

I’ve been called TJ my whole life.  It’s what people know me as.  That soon changed (at least with rollerbladers) when everyone learned that my first name is Tad. People then started calling me Tad.

Which 5 bladers truly shred in your eyes and why/how?

1.  Iceman (Seth Chavez)
2.  Chris Napoleon     
3.  Cameron Card
4.  Hazen Bell

5.  Beastmaster

What is your current set-up?  Why do you roll what you roll?  If you could change anything about it what would that be?

Right now I am blading the grey Bailey Valos with Create Originals, Denial wheels and Them Goods bearings.  I really wouldn’t change my set up, I have been skating Valos for a while and I am pretty comfortable with them.

What are 5 things you plan to accomplish on your blades in the next 6 months?

1. travel
2. meet new people
3. help get the Salt Lake City blog going (
4. make edits
5. get sweet photos

What spot do you blade in your dreams?  

In my dreams I blade the spots I want to get tricks on.  So the spots are always different depending on what I am planning on skating.

What are the top 5 side-effects of blading?

1. meeting great people.
2. seeing parts of a city you wouldn’t normally see just by visiting.
3. Having good sessions with my friends
4. great road trip stories

5. a broken body…not good but defiantly one of the most common 

If the Make a Wish Foundation grated you the opportunity to have a “session of your dreams”, who would be there?

I would definitely want to session with all my friends from Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Arizona.

In your opinion what things are going well for rollerblading and what things are going not-so-well for rollerblading in its current state?

I really think rollerblading is on a good track right now.  Slowly but surely getting to where it needs to be.  We just need more exposure.

If you could thank 5 people for their contributions/influences to you as a blader or blading as a whole who would they be and why?

1. first off Iceman. I started blading with him and we are still going today. I just get juiced watching him blade.
2. Chris Napoleon, because this guy is down to travel/blade anywhere at any time.
3. Cameron Card, for making me try shit.
4. Beastmaster, for pushing me to blade and being one of the nuttiest bladers I’ve met

5. Tory Treseder for making rollerblading look fun.

Last words?

Thanks to all my friends in Utah for making blading what it is to me and to Be-mag for this opportunity.

Interview, Video Edit & Photos: William “Beastmaster” Anderson

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