Inercia Skateparks Tour 2011 Day #3 + #4

Article by Tony Cheetah

We got back to the park, filmed some stuff but the rain came and messed up all our plans. With everything wet we decided to chill a bit with all Tarragona’s locals having some beers and watching the rain falling down.

Lleida skatepark was our destination for day 4. After that horrible rainy day we were super juiced to blade the park. Once we arrived there, a lot of people were waiting for us. It was crazy all that people wanted to see us skate.

Iván Malvido killed it, Oli Benet did a super large rail in front of the park, everyone did a good job. So many bladers were there to blade with us, it was really fun to have a big session with Lleida’s locals! We really want to thank all the people that came to Lleida to support us, it was awesome!

After that fantastic day in Lleida everyone headed to Barcelona city, where everyone of the crew take a rest of blading all those parks. We had such a nice weekend skating all those places, but now its time to blade BCN streets, back to the routine!

The edit is coming soon!

-Tony Cheetah