Inercia Skateparks Tour 2011 Day #2

Write-up by Oli Benet

Tony and myself immediately went to work in the baking sun, while Ivan and Adria Saa “Mineroh” intelligently stretched in the shade. By the time Ivan and Adria joined the session, I had suffered sunstroke and collapsed in a heap of old man, but Tony continued to fight on like a champion, not only taking lead in the skating with some huge jumps as well as being the main filmer.

I have to say the Inercia team skated like champions today, talking to all the skaters that had come, giving out tee shirts, posters and advice and also giving the scooter posse a lesson in what an established extreme sport has to offer. Highlights of course will be included in the upcoming edit, look out for Mineroh’s incredible dive into the bowl and Ivan’s huge spins as the skatepark users of all disciplines stopped in awe. 

See you in Reus tomorrow, viva el inline. 

-Oli Benet