Inercia Skateparks Tour 2011 Day #1

Article by Tony Cheetah

The Inercia crew is composed of Adrià Saa Mineroh, Iván Malvido, Oli Benet, Tony Cheetah and Viktor Demin. Unfortunately Viktor fucked his ankle trying a crazy gap a week before the tour and therefore could not join the tour.

At the first day, we visited Mollet Skatepark where everyone of the crew pulled good tricks and lines and had fun under a super hot sun. Mineroh laced crazy True Top Porn at full speed just in a beginning of his line. Iván Malvido did the craziest trick probably, you will see it in the edit. I laced a nice Alley oop Top Acid on the high bank and Oli Benet did one of the longest Bs Torques of his life. In conclusion, it was a good start of the tour!

Tomorrow we are visiting Vilanova’s skatepark. We will have a lot of fun too, that’s for sure!

-Tony Cheetah