The Chimera Conspiracy is back for 2011


We are proud to present our first wheel for 2011 at the Winterclash – good thing – you’ll influence the price!

The new pro wheel will be sold as a set of 8. The price starts at 40,-€ per set. That’s just 5,-€ per wheel. The more people support us by buying a set, the more the price drops. This means the community is able to influence the prices; and don’t mind about being the first to buy wheels. If you paid a higher price in the beginning, but in the end the price dropped down, then just visit us at the Chimera booth and cash your Stock Crash Ticket (You’ll get one when buying a set of wheels). We will pay you back right away!

Again, those are the rules:

1. Chimera starts selling wheels for 40,-€ (eight wheels).

2. Every buyer will be registered and a Chimera Stock Crash Ticket will be handed out.

3. The more sets we sell, the lower the price.

4. In the end of the day give back your Stock Crash Ticket. We will pay back, if you paid more than the price is in the end of the show!

Just to make sure we won’t be ruined in the end of the day: The lowest price will be 29,50 €. Do the math, that’s just 3,70 € per wheel.