The 20 Project

Starting in August we will set out to accomplish what some people thought we failed at with our last project.  We switched up the format a bit and instead of making a tour video we will be making a profile video with all the tour footage being used for updates online.

20 skaters limited to 20 tricks for their part.  Anything else will go online to promote the project.  Sure to be wild parts featuring some of the best established talent as well as up-and-coming skaters.

With your pledges we can be assured of taking the above skaters to the far reaches of America and Canada and making for what could very well be the video of the year.  Don’t look at this as a handout or a donation as you will be getting something very worthwhile with your donation (whichever level you choose) and you will be helping to keep the movement progressing.

Money will be used to fund travel costs. The more we have the further we go and the better the video will turn out.

We look forward to your support and keep in contact with the tour at