Adapt adds Mike Lilly to their Team

Quoting Pieter Wijnant, Adapt co-founder:

If this was five years ago, Mike would not be needing an introduction. But times are changing fast. Rollerblading lost a lot of its icons or didn’t give them the chance to reach their goals.

When the first pictures of our skates appeared on the net, Mike wrote us an e-mail wanting to try them out. Mike was down with the whole Adapt idea from the start. We immediately knew that he was going to be one of our first US riders. One of the future faces of Adapt.

It is our pleasure to introduce Mike Lilly to the Adapt team. This time, we will not let those icons fade. More announcements to come.

-Pieter Wijnant

More info on Mike Lilly and Adapt on the reworked Adapt website. Soon.