In the Know Robert Guerrero

What can you say about Rob G? Beyond skating, he is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. The way he lives his life is really interesting. Always traveling, always learning, keeping his mind open to change, pushing his own self, influencing everyone who he comes into contact with and constantly progressing. He’s been a great personal influence to me in many ways. His calm and collected approach to life is quite the opposite of how I approach my life and probably the reason why I’ve been able to learn so much from him. Having him stay with me for a while and skating with him throughout that time has taught me a lot. In regards to his skating, it is no different than how he handles everything else…always growing and focused on progression. His skating seems to be above the trends in skating…truly timeless. His thirst for knowledge and self improvement is unlike anyone I’ve ever known. One of the most honest people I’ve ever known and follows his heart above all else. Rob G is the man. He’s gonna be here for a while. The original nomad blader. The focused chicken. Rob Geeeeeezus! Holler.
-Billy O’Neill

Photos: Jeremy Stephenson