In Depth: Jeff Stockwell

Introduction by Oliver Nermerich

Just some books I’ve read on some recent tours. I like reading stuff about the unknown.

I won this camera off eBay for $ 00.01 ($ 12 for shipping): It’s an old Zenit from Russia from the 60’s. Shot a whole roll of film and this was one of the only shots that came out. Brandon Smith with a frontside!

Saw this car out in front of Kruise’s house on the way to go skating. Beautiful!

Vroom is kind of the local bar to all us rollerbladers in Long Beach. Many good night has gone down at this place. 

This is my wonderful girlfriend Sadie in front of her house.

Just out for a cruise in Venice beach with the homies. Just hit the park for the first time which was amazing!

Good old Long Beach!

Brandon Smith took this shot when we were skating the Venice park!

This is my new organ that Carl Sturgess’ mom just gave me a couple weeks ago. Could not be happier with it. I try to play it everyday.

This is a picture of my house. Well, Sayers Danforth’s house. He just bought it a couple months ago. 

We were out skating with Drew Bachrach looking for spots. This is a building I saw along our way.

Been on a super mission to find empty pools in Southern California. There is one we found in Santa Monica. If anyone knows of any let me know!


Just after we got all the water out the cops showed up. But they didn’t seem to think we were doing anything wrong so they took off and let us skate.

Out blading with the Strange Creatures for Strange 2. 

I was really excited about this shot. I saw the surfer coming and I was yelling at Brandon to go. He came through with a sick Liu Kang.

Victor in front of a skate spot in LA.

Dean Coward – Alley oop fishbrain 360° out

Marcus Benavides – True topside pornstar

Chris Dafick – 180° to the wood platform 

Chris Haffey – Soul to quick 540°

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