Hedonskate Silesia tour part 2: Rain can't stop the Hedonskate team

Text by Sebastian Gruba
Edit by Martins Jansons
Photos by Przemek Madej

Fortunately Silesia area has a few indoor parks which aren`t the ‘dream-come-true’ for a blader, yet we tried to make the best of it. After visiting some smaller facilities, we went to Wroc?aw. You might remember the park in Wroclaw since the Never Winter Jam event took place there. Piotrek Combrzy?ski, Krystian Zarzeczny and Radek Kojtych were killing the biggest funbox with all kinds of flips leaving everyone with their jaws wide opened. Nils Jansons, Moise Valentin and Jirka Tomasek focused on the rainbow rail showing the locals how to tackle an obstacle like that. In the meantime Przemek Madej kept shredding the ‘fortepiano grind box’. All the best tricks were captured by Martins Jansons camera and can be seen in the edit below! Stay tuned for the next video-update.

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