Hedonskate Silesia tour part 1: Hedonskate and its 15 team members are back on the road again

Hedonskate team welcome party

We invited all our riders to Hedonskate’s home town Katowice (Poland). The Silesia area has lots of different parks, so we planned to visit them one by one, each day. The actual tour started on Saturday 25th of September with the first official stop at Bytom Skateplaza and the opening contest. Since the event was scheduled for the evening we spent the day at some local spots: PTG ledges where the crew warmed up. The edit below will show you what went down.

The evening contest itself was a really positive thing for the local scene. Surprisingly, a huge crowd of spectators showed up which as we all know isn’t the common thing for the rollerblading-only events nowadays. From some conversations with random people around the park, it seemed that they were really happy to see so much international riders in their small city. Furthermore we were all satisfied to see quite a large number of juiced youngsters competing with full commitment. During that night they had a chance to meet and skate with the professionals for the first time and I’m sure it made some impact on them.

Nils Jansons leaving his mark on every obstacle

Check the edit of Martins Jansons, who as usual captured all the best moments with his lens, enjoy.

Hedonskate Silesia Tour – Part 1 from Hedonskate on Vimeo.

To be continued…