Hangaren Spring Blade Jam in Linköping, Sweden

Also we are giving away a lot of awards along with good prizes that will give some different bladers some appreciation, for example we will have a “Most Creative Award” and so on. We will have a second hand blade shop to help new and old bladers make a buck or get a fresh pair of pre-used blades for cheap. I’m really stoked that Razors, Black Jack Project, Hedonskate and the skatepark Hangaren Hot Sport Center helped out by sponsoring with prizes and help make this a high quality event.

We will also show the new Swedish blade-flick “The Swedes” – as seen on Be-Mag here – on a big screen and have some free energy drinks for everyone as well. Hopefully this will be an annual event for our scene and I hope people from other countries can make it as well. If not this year, maybe the next!

-Zebastian Cassel