Hangaren Spring Blade Jam 2012 Edit by Zebastian Cassel

Write-up and edit by Zebastian Cassel

The day went by smoothly with the “Spot Challenges” being the climax of the day where everyone threw down sick tricks and really killed the spots. 

Watch the edit to find out what went down! I was talking to a lot of old friends that showed up and had a blast myself, therefore the edit is just showing maybe 10-20% of what went down. But there are some cool tricks in there. See you all next time and a big thanks to everyone who showed up, much love!

Now for the award winners!

Best trick: Patrik Johansson with a disaster truespin fishbrain

Skater of the day: Joachim Wall

Best flow/style: Joachim Wall

Worst slam: Christofer Havskog broke his leg

Best girl: Stephanie Midhammar

Best junior: Adrian Jeresta

I want to thank Razors, Hedonskate, The Blackjack Project and First Aid Skateshop for helping with prizes and helping me to put my idea into a sick event. Also Hangaren Hot Sport Center deserves a big thanks for hosting the event and putting in a lot of work and staff for the day, without you all this would not be possible!

-Zebastian Cassel


Hangaren Hot Sport Center