Halloweensession 2013 at The Backyard Skatepark in Karlsruhe, Germany

Press Release:

There will be a Trick For Treat Session brought to you by Grindhouse Skateshop. Costumed skaters killing a spot, winning stuff with every good trick they lace. Can it get any better?

Yes it can. The best costumes will win a little awesomeness from The Conference!

And if you’re lazy and just want to hang out and enjoy the show? Razors sends over Mr. Burston to ensure hammers will be dropped!

The skatepark opens at 6 pm and the session is basically open end. So how do you get home? You don’t. We all just sleep in the skatepark. Don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag or whatever else you need.

As a little bonus there will be some small additions to the skatepark!

So we have prices, pros, costumes and beer. What else do you need? Music! The infamous Winterclash DJ Andre Lepszy, Etienne Vogel and Colognes very own Daniel Goursky will take care of that.

Entry fee – including sleeping in the park for masked or costumed skaters – will be 10€. Might be more if you come without costume though.

The most important thing though are masks and costumes. We need all of you to come dressed up as crazy zombie monsters.

It’s a Halloween session after all! When putting together your costume keep in mind that you want to skate in it. Also masks might hinder your sight. 

We want to thank our supporters Grindhouse, Razors, The Conference, Kizer, Undercover and Kaltik (in no specific order). 

See you in Karlsruhe. Cheers!

-Daniel Prell & The Backyard Skatepark Team

Check the related Facebook event page here.