Grindhouse Tour 2011 in Barcelona #1 – Sacha Lopez

Introduction by Oliver Nermerich
Interview and edit by Daniel Prell

So, you’ve just watched Sacha’s ‘One Week in Barcelona’-section and now you want to know more about this guy? Let me introduce you to Sacha Miguel Lopez (18) from Stuttgart (Germany) who is riding for Grindhouse & Remz. Before the Grindhouse Tour 2011, I didn’t get to spend much time with him, but after being around him for literally 24 hours a day and an entire week, I can easily say that he’s one of the coolest persons you can meet. Sasha’s the guy you can have an awesome session with – no matter how shitty the spot is. And at the same time he is the guy you want to make sure he joins you to every party you’re going to. He’s a hardcore drinking companion, sick skater, a humble guy and more. If you ever meet this guy make sure you have your skates with you and don’t leave before the afterparty. Ladies and Gentlemen: Sacha Lopez!

Hey Sacha – I guess people who read this saw your profile a few minutes ago – any comments? And whats up with that huge cast?

Hey Dani – Yeah we, the german Grindhouse Team riders, went to Barcelona for one week to film and represent Grindhouse. During the TrytoRoll Contest I fucked up my hand. Right after the slam Maik told me, “hey don´t get hurt! We are going on tour in a few days!” – haha, too late dude! 😀 So, I had to skate with this big cast…’Daniel Prell style.’

One week in barcelona sounds awesome, are there any highlights worth telling?

Just think about it: One week in Barcelona with five crazy Grindhouse dudes. The whole tour was a highlight! But, my favorite moment was when we went to Razzmatazz to party hard! Everybody came back to our hostel alone since we all got lost in Raxxmatazz, it’s seriously a big club.

I heard you are a soccer freak, which club do you support?

That’s right, I’ve been a River Plate fan since the day I was born; my whole family is. I was born in Argentina and we are very into soccer and River Plate means alot to us.

I always thought you’re mexican, damn! When did you move to Germany and when did you start skating?

You’re an ass****! My family and I moved to Germany eleven years ago. My father bought me some cheap fitness-skates when I was 8 years old and we went skating a lot. I started to go to the skatepark in Fellbach where I saw some dudes doing cool stunts. I was instantly inspired and wanted to do the same! When I was 10 years old, I got a pair of Salomon Sti Pros, but I really started skating at 13 when Rene, Alex, Ruben, Dirk and Flo started to push me and treated me to do tricks.

Thank you Sacha for this insight! Any last words or shout-outs?

A big thank you goes to Grindhouse Skateshop. Thanks Thorsten for making this year’s tour possible and for all your support. Thanks to my other sponsor, Remz, for the skates and support. I also want to thank my family which has always been my biggest support, especially my mum! Peace to all my homies: Pole, Felix, Wolfi, Arne, Sexy Arne, Rashid, Ronaldo, Bauer, Roland, Alex, Highspeed Manu, Manu M., Hulio, Axl, Halunke, my big bro Marco, King Lee and Klöber. All the German Rollerbladers I skated with and all Rollerbladers out there who are reading this. A special thank you goes out to the guys who motivated me to start blading: Alex der Russe, Rene aka Rainer, Ruben, Bladerdirk and Flo! Thank you Ina for always being there for me. And last but not least: Thank you Daniel for taking the time to make this possible and for being one of the Rollerbladers I look up to.