Grindhouse Scandinavia Tour 2010 Live-Update #4 + clip

From Gothenburg to the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

After staying one night at Linus Hellströms place near Gothenburg, a day full of rain and skating in a parkhouse and a night at Victory Byhr’s house we finally picked up Kenth again and went skating at Gothenburgs new skatepark and went into the city for a snack and to skate a spot we found by just driving around. While warming up Maik Lojewski got hurt by simply missing a trick, it seems like he has torn his ligament of his right ankle, so he is number two, toghether with Alex.

By the way right now we have two and a half skaters that are still able to skate: Daniel and Kenth are still in full force and Timm is all sore but still able to skate a bit.

So after that we were on our way to Copenhagen to meet up with Jacob Juul who let us crash at his place.

First day was pretty chilled as barely anyone is able to skate! We skated some curbs and checked out some new spots. Nothing too serious tho.


We’ll see what tomorrow will bring us. And I think the clip you can see here needs no comment. Enjoy.