Grindhouse Scandinavia Tour 2010 Live-Update #3

Day 5 was hot. We had our breakfast outside at the first spot. Some people were already able to skate and some still chilled and enjoyed the morning/afternoon.
We hit up some more spots and then it happened, on the second spot Alex hurt his ankle and still isn’t able to walk steady. We hung around with Linköpings locals and had some cool sessions. We even found a nice statue where we took some shots of the whole crew.

In the evening we had some beers in our “new” bus and went downtown to enjoy the beauty of sweden.
We didn’t get too much sleep and went skating again the next day. It was a day of pain and misfortune as Alex is injured ,Timm took a bad fall on his back, Maiks CO frame broke by simply jumping off a rail and Daniel got defeated by a kinkrail, but luckily we could still make it to a small town close to Gothenburg to spend the night right there.
And here we are waiting for the next day to go hit the streets of Gothenburg.
Good night!

Unfortunately it is hard for us to post clips because of technical issues, but we are trying hard.