Grindhouse Scandinavia Tour 2010 Live-Update #2

Day 3 was very chilled. We were able to sleep until afternoon because it was raining all day. Around three o’clock the sun woke us and we decided to finally go hit the streets of Stockholm again. We went to the city centre and got some footage in the heart of Stockholm and spent the whole day there.

It was Wednesday, day 4, and that is what you call “little saturday” in Sweden. So people were out partying and also we decided to do so of course! The party was very nice. There was a huge line in front of the club/bar we went to but luckily we had good connections (thanks rollerblading!) so we got in through a kind of V.I.P. entrance and got plenty of beers for free…the one or other of us had a beer too much of course!

The next day was wasted. We had to chill a lot before we could go out skate again because of the hungover we got. But as we decided to leave Stockholm after skating that day we had to bring our luggage to the car. As the sun was shining Daniel and Maik decided to take a swim in the fountain next to Kenths house and then we were off for skating. We found some nice spots on our way to that skateplaza were we ended that day and also the tourstop in Stockholm. Unfortunately we had to say bye to Kenth he will join us again on sunday. We ended the day with a beatiful look on the sunset over the skyline of Stockholm and some burgers of course!

We left to Linköping then and thats were we are right now, in a few minutes we will leave Zebastian Cassels flat and go skating, so check back for more…