Grindhouse Scandinavia Tour 2010 Live-Update #1

So Grindhouse is on tour again to film a tour DVD for Grindhouse’s 15th anniversary and besides the fact that they’re trying to skate as much as possible the typical tour life goes along with it: Less sleep, crowded appartements, alcohol etc. are well known ingredients on a tour that gains it’s real spirit by skaters.

Just yesterday we arrived in Stockholm, brought our stuff to our poor beloved host Kenth Ulvedal and went downtown to take some drinks and to watch out for the thing which makes Scandinavia famous: beautiful blonde girls!

We went skating today and went to the mall which was right next to the last spot, because some of us needed a sleeping bag, then we called it a day and hung out in Kenth’s appartement for the rest of the night. As we’re not friends of much words we would like to let the pictures speak for itself.