Grindhouse in Barcelona: Maik Lojewski

Write-up by Maik Lojewski
Edit by Daniel Prell
Photography by Sebastian Hofer & Phil Struck

So, thanks to Grindhouse, I booked flights for each one of us and all we had to do then was waiting for it to begin. Being the douche I am, I forgot my wallet and passport and nearly wasn’t able to fly as I noticed it a only few hours before our take off. Getting a new passport in that little time was barely impossible, but somehow I made it and arrived last minute all by myself at the airport. Thanks to Alex’ father! After that struggle I just enjoyed the usual horror flight with Ryanair.

The days in Barcelona were exhausting, as it was as hot as a Sauna everyday. Somehow everyone of us was able to get some clips stacked. My highlights are not easy to pick but I enjoyed the downhill rides each morning and especially the night when me and my team mate, and one of my best friends, Daniel Gourski and I decided to go skating at 1 am and just skated around the whole night, ending up at the curved rail I wanted to skate so badly, but no one knew where it was! Daniel and I had an awesome, exhausting session and after a down hill ride we just fell into our beds. I would tell you something about our journey back to Germany, but due to he cheap Pakistani shop next to our hostel I can’t remember anything of these hours.

Even though I am not satisfied with the amount and look of the clips I got, I enjoy watching this edit, as I love the track and the memories I have of this trip. 

Thanks to Grindhouse for making this trip possible, Daniel for editing, everyone from the team for filming and the good time we had. Thanks to Shima and Swankrolling for the support.

-Maik Lojewski

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