Gabriel Hyden Interview

Quoting from the website:

Austria’s Gabriel Hyden refuses to settle for the status quo. The young skater from Innsbruck had a good job working as a graphic designer in Salzburg and enjoyed the financial security that came with it. However, he rapidly realised that working in an office was simply not for him and turned his back on a regular income to pursue his interests and lead a more fulfilling life.

“I saved some money and took some time off to fully concentrate on art, music and skating. I needed to. I felt so depressed when I had a job, although it was a nice one, but now I work for myself. I’m not getting any money from anybody for the things I’m doing right now but, look at the world, I just don´t feel like taking part in society right now. I’ve got a point to prove, and that is to be satisfied with myself and the things I do.”

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