Fenfanix Road to Winterclash Live-Update #1: Kickin' it at Forward Freestyle

Write-up and photos by Gianluca Asunis
Edit by Richard Johnson

Early this morning we woke up to a delicious breakfast prepared by Bibi Ragazzo at the Fenfanix house in Holland. After everyone packed up their stuff, we hit the road to Belgium to skate at Forward Freestyle Skatepark. If you have never heard of this park, it is basically a bladers’ dream park. They have everything you can think of and the ramps are actually geared towards the needs of rollerblading.

Riano Van Den Heuvel, Jeremy Kesler, Jeremy Suarez, Fallon Heffernan, Sbiru Asunis, and Richard Johnson shredded the course during a nice chill private session for a few hours. Rob Pruett quickly smashed his knee open trying a gnarly gap to ledge before the cameras were even busted out. Tough break for him, but we think he’ll be fine for Winterclash.

Richard Johnson, who is also an amazing videographer and editor, got some sick clips of the riders before we all decided to hit the showers and have a late dinner. Sbiru made the team a nice Italian pasta dish. After eating dinner and drinking wine, we brought our glasses over to the recreation room to play some pool and listen to music. Fallon won a few games of pool before facing Rob Pruett. Once Rob got to the table, he went on to school everyone the rest of the night despite his bum knee.

The party is still going at 1:00 am now in Belgium. Tomorrow we plan to spend the day sessioning and chilling for another day at Forward Freestyle when even more Fenfanix riders will be arriving. After that, we will head to Eindhoven for the 7th annual Winterclash!

-Gianluca Asunis

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