Fardamatti Invitational

On the 24th of July there will be Fardamatti Invitational in San Marino (Official WRS stop).The venue of the event will be the Splendid Fardamatti Resort, a skate park built inside a 4-star resort. On Friday (23th of July) the organizers will start the event with 2 cocktail parties. On Saturday (24th of July)the skate park will open its doors at 11am. You can sign in for the contest until 1pm. 


Later that night there will be a BBQ session (10 Euros per person). After the BBQ we will have the real Fardamatti Party. On July Sunday (July 26th) you can skate all day for free.

More interesting facts:

– Weekend pass: 25€ (when you register online, it’s only 20€)
– Sleeping possibilities at the tourist resort (the skatepark is part of the tourist resort). Check this site to find out more about the prizes.
– Helmet required

More information on: http://www.fardamatti.com/invitational.html

Lucas Brandi