Enter the Powerhouse – Prologue

Introduction by Be-Mag
Text by Oli Benet

The Prologue

It all started on a typical August morning in Barcelona. The sun had long before dried the morning dew and the streets were alive with the sounds of a capital city awakening from its slumber. Shutters were being drawn, bread was being baked and vans made their deliveries as they would have any other Tuesday morning. 

I flipped open my computer and sat at my desk, sipping a warm mug of coffee. The first e-mail caught my eye: “Richie Eisler – RE: Barcelona”. With a sigh I clicked and opened the e-mail – „this is going to be more work for me“ I grumbled to myself.

Fast forward to a month later and I found myself visiting the second residence on my list, a list marked „Potential Conference houses“.
The mission was clear, to find a 5 bedroom luxury appartment to house some of the finest rollerbladers the earth has ever produced. 

The first house I visited involved a ridiculous man who turned up without keys, re-scheduled and then refused to rent to a foreign company. All other phone calls had also lead to refusals. „As if there has ever been a case where renting to Spaniards was less risky than renting to Germans“ I thought to myself. 

I instantly realised the potential of this appartment and made it clear to the agent that I was interested. „It’s either you, or some Portuguese guys that have already confirmed that they want it“ he explained in perfect English. Another Englishman trying to make a living in Spain. Perhaps that was a sign. 

I have nothing against the Portuguese, but I sure as hell wasn’t prepared to loose my perfect appartment to some young upstart student types in my own city. After fast firing e-mails to the company that I represent and to my bank, I safely ensured the transaction and before anyone could stop me I was signing the paperwork. We were in – the Portuguese never stood a chance. 

One week later I was given the keys to Powerhouse in front of the stern faced lawyers, owners and agents. That same day the first wave of riders arrived from Canada and America, ready to push the Powerhouse right into the future. 

October 1, 2010 has come and gone, but the trail of street destruction and productivity since that date can not be erased. 

Strap in lads, we are now loaded and ready to go.