Enter the Powerhouse – How to get chased by the Police & get your skates confiscated


Text by Adrien Anne

Okay, so basically one night we wanted to party so we decided to head down to the bar with our powerblades on. First we stopped by Placa Universitat and tried some powerblade tricks on the ledges then quickly bounced because we had to be at the club before 1:30 am to get in for free. On the way there we skitched some cars and went really, really fast but we saw some cops in the distance, slowed down and tried to roll past them slowly on the main street. Once they were out of sight we went fast again on our way to the club. We were having so much fun ripping down the street but moments later we heard motorbikes or scooters behind us. We all started to skate away as fast as we could before they could catch up.

Richie broke away from the crew, changed out of his blades into his shoes and got the camera ready to film the whole scene. I started to skate away with Diego and Josh but decided to take break off on my own route. As soon as the cops saw me dash they followed.

I was skating in the street with three scooters close behind; one was directly following me as I jumped onto the sidewalk. I saw the lights coming up on my heels and I slowed down until they were really close then I grabbed a street sign and turned quickly, doubling back to the main street. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Diego and Josh hiding behind some trash cans so I kept skating away, leading the cops further away from my friends.

The side street I escaped to was lined with a long brick wall and parked cars. I went as fast as I could down the middle of the street then ducked between two parked cars to put on my shoes, hide my skates in my bag and put on another hoodie. When the cops caught up to the street, they scanned each parked car with their police lights where they eventually found me.

I pretended that I couldn’t speak Spanish. I was speaking to them in English, kept trying to tell them that there was nothing wrong with skating and they should be worrying about thieves and drug dealers until one of them told me in Spanish “Shut up, you’re drunk!” While the Police were questioning me, Diego and Josh walked by to see how I was doing. Unfortunately the cops recognized them and pulled them over, too!

We tried to talk to them to find out why we were being pulled over but it was too hard to understand. The Police said it’s a 200 € fine or your skates, so we gave our blades to them.  Unfortunately for Diego he was skating his own Carbon 2’s with powerblade frames. He was so pissed to lose those blades!

We waited for almost 2 hours for no reason other than skating on the street forcing us to get to the club late and pay cover at the door. In the end we had an amazing time at the club. Partying in Barcelona is always fun! It’s one of the best stories to tell about Barcelona, I wish I had my camera, haha!




**Please Note – We’re back up to speed posting updates on the Powerhouse after a bit of a back log of skating, filming, editing & debauchery.  Skate Comps and all night Carnival party stories to be told!**


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