Enter The Powerhouse – Chapter 5

Text by Oli Benet
Photography by Viktor Kondrat 

Kirsztian Szilagyi – Backside Savannah


The tension was palpable, the skaters fully aware that they were all on their last letter.

5 skaters, 5 hors – Everyone only has 1 letter left and it’s that point in the game where you can’t decide whether to risk trying your hardest trick or lace a simple manoever and hope the others don’t land it. 

Every attempt was met with „Awwwws!“, „Ooohs“ and „Haaaas!“, the final round was proving tricky as each skater failed at setting the winning trick. 

This was the end of a wholly unsuccessful day. A day when the Powerhouse crew had come from a number of spot problems and general frustration to find themselves at the infamous beach ledge spot. 

After some unenthusiastic skating, a challenge was thrown down and the whole crew was battling on the ledges. Everyone was smiling, everyone was laughing and everyone was learning new tricks. The ideas started flowing, and suddenly new project concepts were being vocalised. 

Sometimes we forget how much fun skating really is. A simple game of „Horse“ with your best friends can leave a far stronger feeling of elation than killing yourself over a trick that you are forcing yourself to do. Don’t forget to have fun! 

This week at the Powerhouse we are honoured to have the incredible Hungarian contingent. Bela Tasnadi is now the current king of Barcelona’s infamous „Olimpic Stadium Ledge“ by landing a trick that will be exceedingly hard to beat ever. Keep your eye out for that footage coming soon!


Ivan – Truespin Fishbrain

Tasnadi Bela – 540° Gap

Balazs Zima – Alley Oop Makio

Gabor Szabari – Alley Oop Fishbrain

Tasnadi Bela – Alley Oop Topsoul


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