Enter The Powerhouse – Chapter 3

Text by Oli Benet

„Breakfast of world domination is completely portless“

„The Breakfast of Champions!“ Richie boasted as he sipped on his gin and juice, „It’s the breakfast of world domination – I have yoghurt, salad, toast, a bag of nuts, a gin ceasar and I’m ready to take over the world!“ On the highest of highs Richie proceeded to stretch himself in every direction to the point where the agonised groans drowned out any other noise in the house as his forehead all but reached his crotch. Self motivation isn’t a problem for the class captain.

A knock on the door preceeded the arrival of everyone’s favourite Frenchman, Greg Mirzoyan, rolling with enough luggage and camera equipment to single handedly film the next Harry Potter feature. 

We were now ready to roll – just as soon as we could unravel Richie who now found himself upside down and tangled into a ball of distorted limbs on the couch having completely wasted the energy his Breakfast of Champions had provided him on his outrageous stretching excercises.

Dustin and Greg had come up with the romantic idea of heading towards the industrial port and searching for new spots. The romantic idea turned into chaos as the crew found themselves running across motorways in a mad panic, narrowly avoiding trucks and speeding traffic. Panic turned into complete nonsense as we found ourselves lost and surrounded by roadworks, train tracks, barriers, security guards, fences and not a single spot.

After admitting defeat we discovered a bus that would take us back to the front door of Powerhouse where we were able to re-group and start again.


Today we booked our tickets to the Winterclash after the crew came in with a last ditch proposal to go motorbike racing in the deserts of Morocco instead. After discussing presenting the idea to Powerslide, we decided to delay the presentation until a little later in the year. Get ready for „Operation Desert Storm on Bikes“ Powerhouse edit later this year!



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