Enter the Powerhouse – Chapter 2

Text by Oli Benet
Photography by Greg Mirzoyan, Oli Benet & Richie Eisler

„Cops and rollers“

Back in Barcelona with an awful cough and the tell-tale signs of flu I find myself face down on the couch at Powerhouse. We are all watching Christmas Day footage of Richie, Dustin and Mike break into Barcelona’s Tibidabo Theme Park and then consequently escape the police by Powerblading from the highest point of the city at breakneck speed. Perhaps it was their attempt at a typical Christmas Day with the family – at least theres a rollercoaster involved in both, whether it be real or emotional. 

The next thing I know it’s way past midnight and the whole crew is hill bombing drinks deep into the night. I have only been in Barcelona 4 hours and here I am again, straining my eyes against the dark to spot impending doom in the form of cracks, branches or holes.

Our first Police Hijack has finally taken place, and it’s a real surprise that its taken so long. Dustin and Richie snuck into the city centre and headed straight to its busiest point. Flying past traffic in the central lanes on Powerblades is addictive, but dangerous. As the Powerblading duo shot through a red light at Columbus a police car immediately gave chase. Richie escaped but Dustin wasn’t so lucky as he tried and failed to communicate with the angry cops. Needless to say he walked home. 

The moral of the story? Run away like Richie did, but if you are going to run away, make sure you get away.



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