Enter The Powerhouse – Chapter 1

Introduction by Be-Mag
Text by 24/7 Rollerblader Oli Benet

Enter The Powerhouse – Chapter 1

It’s not just cold in London, it’s freezing. I pulled up my hood and watched the air escape my mouth in the form of a small cloud.

Two days ago I was sitting in the sun sipping beer and munching on a chicken sandwich. Today I am Christmas shopping in Oxford Street, slipping on ice and turning down earnest offers of flyers, the spam of the streets – no I’m not interested in your „Amazing Offers“, please consider performing an „Amazing F.offer“.

Its been three months since Powerhouse opened its doors to this experiment. Is it working? My mind was elsewhere as I barged through shoppers with all the grace of a seal in a sand-pit.

There was always a risk. Skaters are not famous for their love of quiet nights in watching documentaries neither are they known for their early morning sundance routines, but the time and the place was right and with the top skaters in the scene having grown and matured it seems we have created the perfect environment for the development of great things.

The Barcelona Sessions edit Richie recently put together with all the crew really opened my eyes to how Powerhouse Studios has grown in importance in such a short time. In 3 months the image and direction of our little project has defined itself and our capabilities and plans grow stronger with every increasing day.

Powerhouse is a really comfortable home. Once settled in, riders don’t want to leave and skating has become a group of friends juiced on a session. 

„Yes“ I thought to myself as I waltzed into Primark. With a Dominic Sagona edit on the way and 2 good productions down, Powerhouse is heading towards full power. 

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year from The Powerhouse Studios! Get ready for 2011, this has just been a taste of things to come!

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If you havn’t seen it yet, you need to check out this edit the Powerhouse guys put out earlier this week. It is amazing!