England tour featuring Sam Tuffnell, James Sharp, Sim Warren and many more

Text and edit by Sam Tuffnell
Edit by James Sharp

Tour squad:
1. Andrew Halls
2. Billy Doyle
3. James Sharp
4. Matt Smith
5. Ryan Gillet
6. Ryan Stephen
7. Sam Tuffnell
8. Sim Warren
9. Steve Collis (Tour Manager)
10. Versell Gordon

We set off from Brighton on a wednesday evening heading gradually across the coast and up towards Woolacombe North Devon, where we
would join Mr Coyne on his birthday celebrations, Then back finishing in Portsmouth. Some of the places we stopped off included: Plymouth, Truro,
Falmouth, Penzance, Barnstaple and Southsea. Along the way we were joined by various other bladers and pals encountering many marvellous happenings and sessions that have been documented and will be revealed online for all to see….here are a few of the shots I took during the trip.

Day one of the tour….boxfresh brandnews itching to get on my feet and play

Night 4: Setting up the camp in a pylon field found by luck in the pitch black of a country night, where we woke up to a
beautiful view of woolacombe beach and a very chilled farmer wondering why we were on his land.

Day 5: Taking a day off to rest the wounds and enjoy sun, sand and sea where we met up with Joe Coyne and friends to
celebrate his birthday


Day 6: A sip of rum before setting off on a 3.5 hour journey back down the coast to Portsmouth