Dominik Wagner US Tour – Print Supplement Issue 35

This article contains a lot of pictures and each picture almost has its own story. When you read these stories you will understand why they don’t show too much of what went down. In the end you see just some snapshots of a drunken guy.

On our way to Las Vegas we stopped in the middle of the desert, for having a smoke or two, getting rid of all the stuff that needs to get out of your body after some beers and a jack in the box breakfast. For some reason everybody started throwing little rocks at the sign next to the road what actually wasn’t the best idea as there were still a lot of cars driving by, but whatever next stop was Las Vegas with some more stupid things to do.

Kato werde driving super fast on the road while talking on the phone all day. And B.Bell next to him doing a live rap concert in the car. Jacob, CJ and me in the back got wasted. You know the deal! The group pictures were actually shot by B.Bell, who had the same problem as me: he was too drunk to focus.

When Jacob arrived in LA he stayed at Connors’ place, but there were 2 big problems: Cornor had to work all day and Jacob was still under 21. So it was him chillin’ alone unable to do anything. I got a message from him to help him to get out of this dumb situation. Nick and I drove all the way to pick him up and back in Santee Jacob was the happiest person I had seen in a long time.

On the way to Woodward West we had to pick up Cj Wellsmore, Mark Wodja and Chris Edwards in LA. I had never met Chris Edwards in person before, and he is one of my biggest idols from back in the day. I was really looking forward to meeting him. I asked Kato what Chris’ favourite drink is so I could throw a round. He told me it was Captain Morgen, so I bought the biggest bottle I could get at the next liquor store. When Chris came into the car I offered him the bottle and said let’s get wasted, but he started to laugh and said something like ‘Son, this bottle is not going to last the next half an hour’ and 15 minutes later the bottle was empty. We had to stop once more and Chris bought a handle which is the biggest bottle I had ever held in my hands. During that stop I took the portaits of Mark and Nick.

Most of the time during my trip I was chilling in Santee with Nick and Jacob. Due to the reason Nick was a homless bum at that time we found ourself a home at Rob’s house. A normal day, from my point of view, went down like this: wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning. Two reasons for that: First we were completly jet-lagged and Nick loves to get up early. Second Rob’s girlfriend serving you the biggest Srew Driver or Vodka Red Bull for breakfast. After that getting in the car driving to some nice skateparks or street spots, meet the Santee crew in front of Damien’s garage at noon to drink some beers, go buy some more beers and hike up to Blue Rock which is the most amazing place in Santee to drink a cold beer. After everybody finished their beers we went back to Rob’s place to play some stupid ass drinking game until everybody passed out. Recab this 5 times and you know what Santee is all about and you might get a clue why these guys are so badass.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Nah just joking but seriously I can’t tell a lot. After the first two crazy party nights which included fake gambling to get free drinks, getting kicked out of a bar and a casino, B.Bell trying to kill Jacob and me, and a stupid bet that lead to the destruction of a hotel room. And Cj, Jacob and me wasted our time to buy new boxer shorts and find a place for a laundry. For some reason it was CJ, Jacob and me who didn’t get to skate in Vegas at all, the only time was during the WRS. Party on!