Demetrios George in South America

Images by: Jeremy Stephenson

“When it’s freezing outside with cold wind biting your face, and snow piling up all around you, it’s hard to even remember what summer looks like.  The motivation to skate declines daily, so when we heard about the chance to visit the equator, it was music to our ears.  The moment the Bogota sun touched our skin we knew this was going to be a great tour. Over the next month, we made our way through South America, with stops in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.  Some of these places haven’t had a pro skater visit in over 15 years, and to say we received a warm welcome would be an understatement.  The vibe during the sessions was packed with so much energy that you would think you were skating in a sold out sports arena.  The antics on this trip were on par with the skate energy, and lifestyle hammers were being dropped on a daily basis.  Everything we documented only tells half the story. From crab milkshakes in Colombia, a skate contest during Carnival in Ecuador, paying off the police in Peru, and getting the authentic Brazilian tour from Carlos Pianowski himself, there was never a dull moment on this tour!” -Jero

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