Chris Haffey Cali tour part 7 of 7: Visiting SDSF Skateshop and sessioning at ESCO Skatepark

This is the last leg of this amazing Cali Tour. And even on this very last tour day Chris still threw down some serious hammers. Keep on reading and you will see who else joined Chris and Kato on their last tour day! Thanks Kato for all this wonderful updates and your stellar work!

Story, edit and images by Kato

Ever since way before most of you have been on blades and some of you were even born, when the park was all metal and the usual suspects had names such as Schrijn, Zamora, Lievanos, or Cottington (and you know I’m only mentionning a few), the famous Esco park has been a mecca for bladers.

When the shop threatened to close down a few years back a few bladers decided to unite and get it back on tracks, and everyone is glad they did. Today esco park is still a mecca for bladers and the shop is still runnng strong, owned by Geoff and Matt who split their time in between that and working regular jobs at the Sunshine warehouse.

We showed up at 5PM. Stockwell and a few others were there, so was Kruise Sapstein (the dude wearing a red shirt in our last tour edit, remember?). We were offered a few slices of Pizza by the SDSF crew and from there we all went on to session the park.
This park has witnessed several very high level competitions (SDSF Opens) in the past few years, and many amazing tricks have been done in there (the most memorable of them all probably being Chris Haffey’s 720 disaster soul on the big box).

Today the session was chill and mostly centered around the central flat ledge as usual. Somehow, even after driving 1500 miles in 5 days and skating all along the way pulling demos most of the time by himself and promoting his signature skate like no blader ever did before, Chris was all up in the mix with some sick lines and again the best tricks of the night. A true legend if you ask me, this guy has all my respect. Check the edit [in order of appearance: Geoff & Matt (SDSF owners) introducing, Chris (easy to spot) with grey helmet, Nick Wood (not pissing everywhere) with white helmet, Brian Shima with nimhs (duhh), and Kruise Sapstein (yea he’s that dude with red shirt on last edit) with the black helmet.]

Chris Haffey 2.0 Cali Tour – seventh stop from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Many locals were there skating, most of them ripping the park, and a few from out of town like the Florida crew and also John Bolino who are all staying in Santee. Yea the Santee posse was here too of course, as well as legends like Brian Shima and Beau Cottington. I also need to mention that two more SD pioneers were on the course blading as well: Lyle Shyvak and Mike Tseng!

All in all a great night at SDSF in Escondido for Chris Haffey to end his California Tour.

A big thanks to everyone we met/chilled/partied/skated with on this tour, we’re done with this one and hope to be in YOUR hood next! Stay up bladers!


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