Chris Haffey Cali tour part 6 of 7: Visiting 10YO comp and Urban Rolling Skateshop

Here we go with the 6th tour stop of the Cali-tour featuring Chris Haffey and Kato Mateu. Whereever Chris and Kato go, be sure that there is always a huge welcome party for them. Check out what happened yesterday!

Story, edit and images by Kato

We drove straight back after the amazing Intuition day in Bakersfield and crashed in Long Beach at Chris’s house, both of us very happy with today’s outcome but also drained and very exhausted (and belly full of delicious Haffey2.0 cake!)

The next day started a bit late so Chris shot straight to Fontana for the local 10YO comp organized by Julio Vega (with Mark Laue from Action Park Alliance and a few more helpers as well) while I went solo to visit Neil Wicks @ Urban Rolling Skateshop. The store has been established for a few months only but already gets good hype and is looking official located on a main intersection in downtown Long Beach. Neil and Sean (his son who blades hard and helps running the shop) are putting work into Urban Rolling, locals are supporting and a few pros like Haffey, JC, Fish, have already been visiting the place lately. We’ll be back over here soon I’m sure.

After meeting Neil I drove straight about 1.5 hours to catchup again with Chris who had picked up Kruise Sapstein on his way. Kruise skated hard today (as usual) and got a bunch of tricks in this new edit (red remz shirt), I’m sure there will be plenty more edits of the comp featuring him and Ian McLeod who battled in the end as well all the heads who busted all day long.

Chris Haffey 2.0 Cali Tour – sixth stop from Be-Mag on Vimeo.


Met up with many other Remz heads in Fontana like Sean Cowen, Alejo who was reppin with his RK crew, or also Joey Jamie who recently got put on through Urban Rolling and others, and a few industry heads who came to support.

The wind was blowing really high but sun was shinning, the comp was fun and everyone was having a good day. The organizers did a good job at pulling through with everything, it went smoothly.

Chris and I will take a rest this Sunday then meet up with Matt, Geoff, and the whole SFDF crew in the legendary Esco park for a Monday night skate full of excitement. See you there for the last leg of this Cali tour!


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