Chris Haffey Cali tour part 3 of 7: Visiting Amall

And the series continues. So here we go with Chris’ and Kato’s third tour stop documentary – again jam-packed with great pictures, another nice edit and a write-up by the wasted Kato!

Story, edit and images by Kato

Hard to do this today, committing to daily update while doing it hardcore on tour is not an easy one sometimes. To be more precise I just puked the rest of alcohol in my belly from last night, along with my morning coffee. You know the deal.

Today was Sunnyvale, about 3h drive from Sacramento.
We arrived at Amall and walked into the skateshop. Yep, not only is Amall doing great things online but they also have a store front and a strong local scene. Chilled at the warehouse for a lil while, chatted with Justin and the whole crew, and headed straight to that big ass skatepark. Don’t ask me the name I have no brain right now.

A good number of bladers showed up today again, that was good to see. Everyone sessioned pretty hard, Victor Arias was finding lines in the bowl, Jayson Reduta had some sick moves, and Haffey hit that massive wall thing that noone else did before. It was tight.

Chris Haffey 2.0 Cali Tour – third stop from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

It got even tighter when we all headed downtown for some hot wings and gallons of beer. The rest is in the toilet. Peace!



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