Bladergram #1: Alex Broskow

Hello and welcome to the launch edition of a new feature here on, our hand picked
selection of the best of blading on the ever popular Instagram. The US based start-up app, bought
last year by Facebook for $1billion, needs little introduction. It’s a great, free and fast way to
stylise and share your favourite snaps with friends and the world. We’ll cut through the deluge of
everyone’s-a-photographer-now to bring you the prime blading deals, with a focus on quality and
a sharp eye for composition; regardless of fame, status or location.

Mr Alexander Broskow, your favourite pro blader for the last decade has just such a discerning
eye. Enjoying the best job in the world, and the travel opportunities that come with it, Broskow
captures and shares memorable moments both in his beloved hometown of Kansas City,
Missouri, and further afield. Sessions with the buds, trips to California, pleasing geometric
shapes found across cities, his shots are carefully picked, and well worth following.

Text & selection by Seán Ó Dálaigh








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