Jump Street Podcast Episode #42 with guest Marc Moreno

Marc Moreno has been involved in the blade game for a very, very long time. Some may remember his early years as his moniker “Enanoh“, the ultra technical Spanish wonderboy, or maybe his later years as part of the legendary SSM skate team, or even his current life as figurehead of his blading production crew known as Balas Perdidas. Needless to say, Marc has paid his dues, tenfold.

Marc sat down with the Jump Street Podcast crew of Austin Paz and Billy O’Neill to discuss his busy blade life, how he uses Google Maps to scout for skate spots and his recent trips filming for the latest Balas Perdidas video. Plus much, much more! Check it out!

Check out some excerpts from the podcast:

Marc explains his and Billy’s recent trip to Tenerife.

Marc explains what he enjoys most about traveling and filming.

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