Billy O’Neill in Bogota, Colombia (+ Win A Pair of USD’s!)

All Colombia shots by Jeremy Stephenson.

3 weeks of tour life in South America and this is what you get.  Facial hair running rampant, no shirt, no shoes, new tattoo, relaxing in a Brazilian barrio loving life.

Practicing new skill sets, AO top roofio (rough makio) on a concrete quarter pipe in Playas, Ecuador.

Quick interview for the Ecuadorian national news channel.

True top porn at the first spot of the tour in Bogota Colombia.

Exploring the streets of Bogota

Darkside AO top porn in Bogota, Colombia.

Colombian coffee, it doesn’t get much better than Juan Valdez.

Long steezy back farf in Lima, Peru at a blader only park.  Yes that’s right.  Blader only park

If you’d like to read more about Billy O’Neill’s recent trip to Colombia, check it out over on The Conference Website.



Want to win a pair of size 42 Billy O’Neill pro skates from USD? Than leave a comment in answer to this question (along with your skate size): WHAT WOULD YOU DO ON A TRIP TO SOUTH AMERICA? We’ll be picking a winner!