Be-Mag Twitter Raffle: Win “Spread The Word” Clothing from our 2011 Line

This is how the re-tweet prize raffle works:

On Monday, 26th we will send out the following tweet on 6pm (CET): #Spreadtheword about my favorite rolling magazine, and take part in their great retweet prize raffle! 

To take part in the raffle you just have to retweet this tweet! It’s easy as that!

Disclaimer: To enter the prize raffle you have to follow Be-Mag on twitter first and retweet the above-mentioned tweet. 24 hours later we will pick 4 retweeters out of all participants and reward each one of them with a “Spread The Word” garment! The winners will be announced through twitter and will be contacted by us later on that day.

Happy retweeting!

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