Be-mag Print Issue #39 – Kaya Turski, Alex Burston and Arizona road tripping

Kaya Turski is a new school skier with strong blading history.  She started her pro career in blading and doesn’t shy away from her roots when people ask her about it.  Be-mag caught up with Kaya to find out what goes on with her day to day, her training schedule and the future.

On a rainy night in the winter of 2008 I had my first conversation with Kaya Turski. Her flight to Toronto to coach at the youth Freeski event (Salomon Jib Academy) I was producing was delayed. She was coming to ski with her fans and join her team mates at a Ski hill that was only 550 ft/ 167.64 m high.

Alex Burston is a skater on the rise with a new pro model skate from Razors and now with a full interview here in our print issue. He answers some of our questions about his Manchester skate scene and coming up in the rough streets of Northern England.

State your name, age and place of birth.

My name is Alexander James Burston, I am 22 and I was born in a sunny place called Manchester.

When and where did you start rollerblading?

I started blading when I was about 3. When I was 7 I started going to the skate park. It‘s still open now: UKSkate park, formally known as Bones. It‘s still called Bones to me though.

When most people are freezing their asses off in the middle of January, the boys from the Conference decided to take a trip to the cement capital state of the US: Arizona.

For most people, January is a depressing time of year; whether it’s post Christmas blues or the bitter winter finally settling in. Safe to say that getting your blades on is a lot more difficult.

So when the opportunity for me to head out to Phoenix, Arizona arose, I couldn’t have been happier. Originally the plan was for Jeff Stockwell, Richie Eisler and I to meet up, but we also planned to meet with my neighbour, Mike Welland from the UK, who gathers with his mates at Roc City every year.

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