Be-Mag Live Update #1 from Roskilde Festival 2012

Roskilde Festival is the largest North European culture and music festival and has existed since 1971.

Jojo Jacobi catching some air on the launch.  Safety 360 with the steez.

Montre Livingston drinking like a local.

Who then decides to get inverted, like “BLAMMM” Gettin’ those huge airs and like, havin’, I mean like havin’ a blast. Yeah. Montre Livingston with the signature BG swag.

That Montre sure does make me wanna shred. Mute Air

Uncle Dick gettin’ tricky. Richie Eisler Royale with steez.

Dominik Wagner & Jojo stopping for a breath of clean air. 

They dig blading.  It’s true.

Please note the P to V ratio at this festival, AKA not a blader swordfighting contest.  Tell me again why you’re not there?

Until the next Roskilde update coming……..soon.