Be-Mag Games #1: The Walking Dead Assault

Write-up by Ben Harmanus
Screenshots by Ben Harmanus

The Walking Dead: Assault

System: iPhone, iPad
Studio: Skybound
Homepage: The Walking Dead: Assault
Price: € 2,69

As a big fan of the tv show “The Walking Dead“ and “Walking Dead: The Game” I had to take a look at this mix of action and real time strategy. This game loosely retells the comic book story as well as what was adapted for the show. You start as Rick awakening in hospital and fight your way through a bunch of zombies. By tapping on screen you move forward. You shoot automatically when a zombie enters your action radius, but you need to stop walking first. After successfully killing all zombies a level is cleared. You now may invest your bonus points to either unlock one of many well known characters or improve your hero’s skills. Speaking of skills, every character comes with an unique special move you need to activate and one gift that affects your crew during a full mission. I really had fun testing different team setups to make it through a level. You will soon find out that firepower is not always the key.

The black and white style matches the comic book look and colours are used rarely to highlight items or walkers crossing your way. The orchestral music fits, but after a while it stressed me a bit. Not a big deal as you can switch it off without deactivating the sound FX.

It does not take long to make it through all eleven settings, but there are two extra difficulty levels and so many rewards to unlock, that it will keep you busy for another week. The biggest weak point is the mission design which could be more diverse. You can master most situations by shooting and activating all your specials. Nevertheless it is worth its money, even if you’re not a Walking Dead fanboy.