Be-Mag Fashion Summer Re-Edition Line 2012

Be-mag Basic Black
Be-Mag put some of our history on a garment. The Cube was introduced with the launch of the Be-Mag print magazine in 2001 and has been used in different variations ever since. Wear a part of history with pride!
Be-Mag Discowl Tee
Have you ever felt tired and connected at once? From the table of Berlin based designer Mike Friedrich comes this interpretation in the form of the Be-Mag Discowl. With the Discowl on your front you easily make your way through the night while staying connected.
Be-mag Miami Tee
As a sign of respect to the influence of Miami Vice on popular culture, we decided to put this lifestyle and feeling on a tee. If you feel the need to escape this decade, wear this Be-Mag shirt and forget all the pressing needs of the current time.

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