Be-mag 15th Anniversary x Jeremy Beightol

Introduction by Kevin Chow
Text by Corey Casey
Designs by Jeremy Beightol

Let’s start by saying that Jeremy is a misunderstood person. More-so than most rollerbladers I’ve met in the past because Jeremy (which I’ll refer to as Beightol from here out) he’s not a typical dude and he’s certainly not a typical rollerblader because I’ve met most of you and SURPRISE your not that special or unique. Beightol’s ornery, looks like Lou Reed’s sister and will skate the weirdest shit ever. If you went to a house party and didn’t know him already you’d hate him, love him or leave, which for me is fucking awesome because although I’m not a cool as Beightol I’m not easily likable either so I guess we both might have that kinship in a messed up, broken-person sort of way. I know he’s a great painter. I have a painting of his in my living room here in California, which I’m looking at right now and it’s full of colors and small nuisances. There are little things that are hard to see if you don’t look at it correctly or for long enough and Beightol is sort of like that too. Things can go easily unnoticed. He’s always looked at things with a critical eye and he’s honest almost to a fault. I liked the kid from the jump even though he’s from Erie so, that’s saying something I guess. I know full well that there are a lot of haters out there and probably for your own good reasons too but much like myself, Beightol doesn’t really give a shit. So, let’s put it this way. Love it or leave it fuckers, because that’s my dude.

– Cory Casey

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