Bad Duffys Shop Portrait

Happy 14th Birthday, ‘Bad Duffys’!

Let´s give it up for Claudio Luz and his shop ‘Bad Duffys’ in Bonn, Germany! Claudio has been living and working for Rollerblading since 14 years now and will probably be there for another 14! Over the years Claudio saw a lot of kids come around and he always supported a bunch of talented skaters with rollerblades and clothes in his ‘Bad Duffys-Team’. His concept was  always to support the local skate scene from Cologne to Bonn and Koblenz. He propably is the only old school rollerblader who started rollerblading in the early 90ies and is still rolling as much as possible, even though he turned 40 this year. Some of you might remember it but I guess the most of the new kids entering the sport don´t know that Claudio was one of the first German pro skaters for ‘Roces’. While he was doing his first shows all over Germany, he took the chance to build up his rollerblade shop in Bonn, in 1996. In 2010 ‘Bad Duffys’ renewed its store and online shop with a new design. So if you are around Bonn, have a look and step in. This summer ‘Bad Duffys’ will organize a bunch of small weekly sessions at the so called “Bonner Rheinauen Miniramps” with barbeque and music, as well as some competitions with the local skate scene in Hennef. So just contact Claudio if you are around and looking for a nice sessions with some nice guys. All together we really have to say that Claudio and his Shop ‘Bad Duffys’ kept the scene alive over the last 14 years!

Thank you for your great work and support! Keep on rolling!!!

Spring Session_Bad Duffies from dirk oelmann on Vimeo.