Available now: The Be-Mag Deathbed Garments by Jeremy Beightol

Photos by Dominik Wagner

We’ve premiered the Be-Mag Deathbed Shirt by Jeremy Beightol at Summerclash 2013 earlier this year. If you got one of these at the event in Berlin you have been part of an elitist group. As the production run now steadily hits shops worldwide, your exclusiveness slowly comes to an end. Which doesn’t make these shirts any less badass, of course. 

You can get the Be-Mag Deadthbed Shirt and the Be-Mag Deathbed Zip Hooded at the Be-Mag Online Shop or any good skate shops worldwide. Thanks to everyone out there for getting Be-Mag garments and thus supporting the project! Spread the Word!


The Be-Mag Deathbed Shirt
The Be-Mag Deathbed Zip Hooded
The Be-Mag Online Shop