An Overnight Stay With Aaron Feinberg and an Epic Portland Session

You get an over night stay at the Travelodge, a drunken escapade through the city with unintentional hangovers, an overcast day of skating, tricks that will amaze you and of course some hostility from skateboarders.

Some of you might have been fortunate enough to see a sneak preview as it was on YouTube for only a second. This stirred up some hype about Aaron and of course some unnecessary hate towards me. All I can say is sorry and don’t worry!

There is a video in the works by Jonathon Roulston and myself. (Some of the footage may also be up for grabs if anyone is interested?) The video has yet to be titled but hopes to showcase sections from some of the northwests current greats including people like: Jake Dotson, Aaron Feinberg, Shain Lapointe, Josiah Blee, myself and Street Battle Seattle 10. Not only will this video showcase some great northwest talent it will also revisit the past 10 years of Seattle Skaters History presented in a wonderful DVD format for everyone’s viewing pleasure!

— Jeremy Townsend