Adrian Deck: Clips and Questions

Introduction & Interview by Ash Gavin
Photography & Edit by Claudio Antonelli

Hi Adrian, why don’t you introduce yourself?

I’m Adrian Deck, I’m from Aarau, a small town next to Zurich in Switzerland. How did we come to this interview …. it was fast, Claudio Antonelli has cut my edit of 2011-2012 and loaded a photo of it on facebook. Oli saw that and wanted to do an interview. I’m very pleased to do it!

So that sick edit just came out of your skating in 2012. Do you actively go out to stack clips, or is it just sessions with the guys and somebody brings a camera along?

2012 really was not that busy with skating, it was 23 weeks and included a lot of injury, and I had to work! There was only 1-2 days a week to skate, mostly a camera was at the start to to get clips. A few clips are not from 2012.

There’s a big variety of tricks in there, dangerous hammers along with creative and technical tricks, do you have a favourite kind of trick or obstacle to skate?

I like to skate spots from something bigger to getting a little creative. I like that long grind, I prefer just a fast royale or torque.

Do you get angry at inanimate objects when you fall, like your skates or the rail? What’s your preferred phrase to yell at them?

It all depends with what foot I got up, or how stupid was the fall, depending on the need I’ll yell anything, believe it! But mostly I try to rip it together and try again.

Did you do much travelling in 2012? What’s the best spot you’ve ever been to?

That year began with the Laced contest in Liverpool but because I destroyed my knee and Winterclash was one week out for me. Otherwise I was not traveling so much, as I said, a lot of hurt and work, but luckily there was the Balkan Tour which I liked very much! Croatia I really liked to skate, great spots, nice weather and great women. Definitely my favourite was in California, but that was 2011.

How’s blading in Switzerland? Do you get into snow sports, and if so, does that help your blading?

The Swiss Inline scene is growing thanks to Facebook bringing us together a little and helping better organize sessions with the Swiss Romondie to which the contact was previously not so strong. And it is growing, because it gives off and on again a new skatepark that is very much appreciated. Yes I still have snow blades that I use but only 1-2 times a year, just for fun with friends when it has once again snowed quite good.

How was winning Winterclash this year? Have you always loved to skate contests, or is street more your thing?

Is this for the interview too?? Yeah I love Winterclash, this was the 7th time I went there and it was the best one ever! I actually prefer to skate street, in the meantime I skate contests like it’s a completely different kind of skating for me.

Well, that about wraps this up! Any special mentions before we finish?

I thank first Claudio Antonelli, whom I owe a great deal, he cut together the clips and shot the photos! I still thank my sponsors, Rollerblade. I am proud to be able to skate such a good skate! Thanks to Camp hillside 5001 (athletic strength system by Michel Fink) for more power and no aching and in the end still Rolling Rock skateshop for the only shop in Switzerland, thanks to be-mag that I have the opportunity to get an online interview! I thank you all!