2012: Marc Moreno

The year is almost over and we decided to ask some of your favorite Pros to give us a little wrap up of their 2012. Events they’ve visited, edits or videos they’ve filmed for, their favorite moments of the year…

First is Marc Moreno Segura from everyones favorite city Barcelona.

Picture by Bea Conde-Corbal
Picture by Bea Conde-Corbal

Hey Marc, how you’re doing these days? How does your normal day look like?
Wake up to some good tunes, have breakfast in the sun, go skate, go to school in the afternoon and chill after the long day with a fresh Xibeca liter.

Hows Barcelona in the wintertime?
Not as bad as northern Europe.

You want to give us a little wrap up of how your 2012 looked like?! Please name your 2012…


The Balas Perdidas Tour in September

Video parts / edits you’ve worked on:
Create original introduction promo, The Spainwiser edit and a couple other Balas Perdidas ones.

Barcelona, London, Tarragona, Madrid, Córdoba, Málaga, Gibraltar, Almería and Valencia

Spain, England

Not important ones, just stitches in my head

Any specific moment or experience that stood out in 2012? 
Having Dafick around for 3 months. From all, i’d pick up the whole Balas tour

Best in 2012
Travel buddy: The boombox.
Event: Wish I could have afford going to one.
Country: Wish I would have traveled somewhere new.
City: Barcelona
Online edit: Broskow’s skate introduction.
Meal: The good old bolognese.
Song: Kadavar: Forgotten past
Blader: John Bolino
Website: youporn
Company: SSM
Movie: The wild one
Beer: Estrella Dam

Party: Way too many to pick up one.
Trick you filmed: Adriá Saa topsoul to topsoul in the Spainwiser edit.

Whats planned for 2013 so far?
No plans. Just a good long freestyle. Keep surviving.