Yuckem and Woodster Florida Tour part 3 of 6: Franky Morales and Nick Wood in Sarasota

This is the third day of the Yuckem and Woodster Florida tour. Kato Mateu hooked us up with some great visual insights – taking you behind the scenes of what you usually see. And of course, there is once again a great story disclosing some details from PowWow’s after party. Read on.

Story, images and edit by Kato

Today started.. well today hasn’t really started because yesterday  never really ended. PowWow’s after party #1 got busted after Chases pisses on a birhtday-girl at the club. Back from afterparty#2 at 3am  and in bed by 4 after working tipsy on these tour updates, then someone knocks at the door 15 minutes later.. I open and see Josh  Glowicki pushing the hotel’s bellhop cart with Jason Reyna on it rolled in a ball and completely passed out, while being chased by the hotel security guard. OK so far I could have called it business as usual but then Reyna came out of his drunken coma and slowly terrorized the room creeping up on all of us, waking up almost everyone one by one in zombie mode.. It will probably go down in history as the FrankenReyna Pensacola night. After about 2 hours of  madness I finally picked up my camera and shot a few minutes of  Jason’s madness. Woodster agrees that we should post it here, i hope  Jason will too..

Yuckem and Woodster Florida Tour – third stop featuring the FrankenReyna from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

When FrankenReyna finally passed out for good (check additional pics on remz facebook page) it was already time to get on the road to Sarasota.. And so we did. We were on a mission once again. It was 9am.

At 3pm we were still far from our destination and I had to call V-Town  Skateshop to let them know that it might be a better idea to meet everyone directly at the skatepark, which we did at 7PM. A good crowd  of youngsters (almost all of them on Remz!) greeted us and ran towards  the van as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. Awesome!

Franky and Nick hurried to start skating with everyone, these bladers  were having a lot of fun in their home park. Out of nowhere, just 10  or 15 minutes into it, one of those typical Florida storm hit us  straight on and rained out the bowl session. The guys never really warmed up but nevertheless great times with everyone there and we hope to be back soon to visit.

Yuckem and Woodster Florida Tour – third stop from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Bigup Aren and Christian from V-Town for holding it down in Sarasota,  great vibe and great people!

Catching a bit of rest tonight at some hotel, ready to hit Fort Myers at 5PM tomorrow. Julien Bah, PJ, and Geoff Acers are supposely driving down tonight to meet and chill with us for a few days.. Stay tuned!

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